Are the icons royalty free?

They are provided under the CC-BY license (or even Public Domain for some of them), which means that you can use them freely in your projects as long as you credit back the authors.

How to credit the authors?

It mainly depends of your project. For instance, if you use them on a website add a link on a credit page. If you make a board / card game, add a mention in the last pages of your rules book. If it's a video game, the mention can be accessible from a menu…

How to edit SVG files?

Use any vector graphic editor. We recommend inkScape, which is both free and suited to this task. You can also change the color directly online using our Studio.

Why don't you launch an Indiegogo campaign or start a page on Patreons?

The most precious asset is time, not money. More money won't make us leave our fantastic daily jobs. So we're just happy to provide the icons for free at our pace.

Is there anyway I can help?

Sure! If you're an artist, try to contribute. If not, spread the love on social medias!

Which process is used to reduce the file size?

Useless XML tags and attributes are automatically removed by SVGo

Can I use these icons as favicons?

Yes, but not as native SVG because it's not widely supported by browsers. You need to rasterize them. The other benefit will be to have more control over the pixel-perfect look in the 16 x 16 format.

Do you provide Roblox game icons?

Not exactly. It's up to you to use the graphics we offer to build your own identity.

Are these icons Emojis?

Emojis follow a standard convention of naming: this kind of collection has less freedom to expand. Fortunately, we do not have these constraints.

But sometimes, they coincide ;)

When I search for "counter strike" or "fifa 16", no results are found!

Use more generic keywords like "gun" or "football"

How can I use them?

Well the choice is yours. Everything is possible from stencils, stickers, tattoos to applications launcher for your Mac OS X dock.

Can you add / remove a tag?

Yes, if a tag is irrelevant or more than 10 icons deserve to be grouped together.

Can I browse a random icon?

Sure, there's a link for this in the footer of each page